Opinions on the Fusion Blaster Arm

Curious what peoples opinions on the Fusion Blaster Arm are. Dug one out of a Shocker Brute but not 100% sure it’d be worth it for my character. He mostly uses rifles and polearms like the halberd so I’d have to shake things up a fair bit to use it. Unless I can install it in one of my extra arms or use one of my extra arms to hold my polearm and rifles and use it without penalty because that would be cool. Somewhat tentative on that because mutations are really wonky in this and arn’t always integrated into things very well so not sure if it’d actually consider them as existing.

So is the fusion blaster arm dope enough to give up both polearms and rifles for?

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The Fusion Blaster Arm isn’t worth giving up your real arm for, too many downsides.

Unless you really want to roleplay Megaman you are better off turning it into a Fusion Blaster Rifle that lets you have all the upsides of it without most of the downsides.


It’s not worth it basically ever. Just make the rifle and mount it on your car. It’s fantastic mounted onto a car.


Now that’s an interesting option.

Shame everyone seems to hate the fusion blaster arm so much though. Sounds like it could use some rebalancing if it’s that bad.

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Maybe, and this is a really stupid idea, an extra arm CBM? Allows fusion blaster users function with two hands, but your torso encumbrance would suffer. In addition, it could make extra attacks and allow for faster crafting.


Would work, or even just a hand you can have underslinging it like other guns have have underslung shotgun or flamers. Or maybe being able to install it in arachnid or insect arms to put those extra limbs to some real use. Quad wield fusion blasters!

Or like the gun from the Predator movie, is in the back of the guy.
You can find a picture if you search “predator shoulder gun”.

All I can say is wow. I made an alternate version of broken cyborg with a useless fusion blaster arm and OMFG can’t even wear stuff like coats because of the damn thing. Apparently I’m just going to have to go without any arm protection the entire game or something. I’ll probably have to make the class a -4 or 5 at this rate, the gun arm alone might me more trouble then the entire broken cyborg list and that is one nightmarish list!