Does anyone play with no monsters?

As the title says.

I started a a new game ages ago with the no monsters mod enabled and it took me a couple of in game days to realise that it got rid of everything apart from wildlife, dunno about npcs?, and it wasn’t due to a low spawn rate.

Thinking about it just now reminded of a film called quiet earth. Good film from what I remember.

Might start a new world like that again, but dunno how long it’ll last?

I really like “No monsters” mod.

Call me crazy, but I find looting houses for junk very calming. And that junk isn’t completely useless.

Sadly, some recipes become harder to get because no monster drops (like solder, robots drop it but they are gone). But I guess that is a challenge in itself.

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My primary character, Rob Keys, started off as a Quiet Earth “last man alive” character. I had hit that stage where the survival game had become easy and I’d started to feel bored, and I just wanted to poke around some new buildings that had been added way back then.
It was fun for a while, but eventually I enabled NPCs and monsters again and just imagined it as him driving out of the dead zone where the one lab near his starting town had made everyone vanish.

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That’s the kinda thing I was thinking. just you for the first couple of days, then npcs get turned on, then after a couple of weeks the monsters start to creep in.
But how do you bring monsters back in if they’re taken out via a mod?

You have to change ‘mods’ json in the ‘save’ folder in the main directory. You need to delete 'Only_Wildlife" mod. And of course you have to change monster spawn rate in ‘worldoptions’ json in the ‘save’ folder.

I love no monsters mod that is combined with no cities at all. I had to eat my dead companion due to starvation… after 4 days of playing (an in-game time). Wild animals are rare, consequently, survival may be difficult if swamps are far away and hard to find

You can get solder by Disassembling some electronic devices. But yeah, you get significantly fewer of those.

You know, I would like a mod, something called like “quantity2quality” or “titans”, where monsters are much more rarer, but are significantly more powerful and it is better to just run. For the most part would play out like “Only wildlife” until you stumble upon one of the “titans”.

Like, for example, in the Lab scenario there would be one powerful robot patrolling throughout the facility. Can run away from it, but one hit close and you are a goner if you don’t have >15 strength, don’t have power armor or aren’t a Bear/Chimera to be able to fight and not maxed out combat skills.

You know, early game = hide n seek, late game = titan vs titan (you).

I think I need to make a seperate post for this.


It is very easy to do. It would take 20 - 25 minutes of changing various jsons that are connected with monsters’ spawn rate. Instead of “titans” I like to create “ambushers” that have VERY small HP but are able to kill us with one hit. They are extremely rare and very, very fast

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