Wilderness survival game variant

I actually realized I enjoy the game much more because I rarely if ever use guns. Maybe have ine in my holster on my ANBC suit, in case a brute Shows up (and then me realizing when drawing that I can barely use it).
Though my bionic prepper started with a crossbow, I rarely ever used those.
That way its actually way more fun to play cause you gotta work to get yourself fed.

So many things have been balanced out.
Perhaps one should play no other items and only wildlife and adjust the spawning rate until the Player can just about not starve.

Could that be a thing?

If you’re asking about turning off all non-wildlife creatures, there’s a mod for that in the Blacklist section. ‘No Monsters’ mod.

As for no items, I don’t think such a thing exists, but you could start with the wilderness scenario and just never go to town or craft anything you don’t feel should exist in your game. There may not be mods catering to what you want, but you’re still free to roleplay and decide for yourself what your character can and can’t utilize.

Personally, I think that it’s entirely too easy to survive fully in the wilderness. I also find it very, very boring.

There are other, more appropriate threads around here somewhere discussing wilderness survival, which you might be interested in. I’m too lazy to link.

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I meant to fix the spawning rate for wilderness creatures in the source code until its more like in the Game ‘Dont starve’. Though never played it, life seemed to be tough. Had to have a base. This guy had no car though

Already this game had what C:DDA has now.

Dont starve was basically fun until it became tedious grinding just to maintain yourself. You spent more of the day maintaining your old tech that actually exploring became the side goal. Then you got portaled away to start all over.