Does anyone actually reload?

The thread name is pretty self-explanatory. And no, I don’t mean loading ammo in your gun, I mean restoring ammo from casings, primers etc… Am I the only one who does it?

I personally don’t as I tend to use melee characters, but I’m like 22% percent sure that that’s a thing that people do. People talk about it as least.

I guess. Personally, I never have done it, but the auto pick-up feature seems to be aimed to the ammo craft, just as the brass collector.

Hum… gonna make a gunslinger character, see ya :smiley:

Auto-pickup is also extremely handy for archers. (And when collecting rocks for a fireplace.)

I would reload if ammo components were actually common enough. As it is, I don’t come across the need before dying (or, more likely, restarting when a new version hits.)

I usually switch calibers a lot, saving heavier ordinance until I’m a better shot and using .22 pistols or something to train. If I run out, I switch to another ammo type. That’s as far as I’ll admit the usefulness of having 8000 different types of bullet.

if i could actually ever find lead and gunpowder i would definitely reload. casings and primers aren’t usually a problem for me in most of my games. maybe gunpowder should become a craftable item, and copper wire could be used to craft bullets?

From the impression that I get reloading is usually used to turn bullets that you can’t shoot into bullets that you can.

Not really. I rarely use guns, and, when I do, it is usually just for setting up traps for clearing out a town.

Kind of funny how making a gun it’s easier than making bullets. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

In real life, earlier guns were easier to make than modern bullets.

The pipe rifles are literally a pipe that is attached to a board with, possibly (this isn’t technically necessary and likely would not be added) a simple hammer and spring, which is pretty much all personal smoothbores were back in the day.

The pipe rifles are probably something similar to this, but with a crude grip and a longer barrel. The SMGs are basically just a refinement of that design.