Do soldier or survivor zombies ever yeild cbms?

As it says in the title.

Not that I have seen.

They do not and i don’t see why they would anyways considering in the army grunt soldiers all have standard issue equipment

Considering that many labs have barracks, and often some terminals speak of running out of test subjects, I put two and two together.

And seeing as they are found in electronics stores and in some peoples basements, that means they were available to the public. Not all equipment a soldier carries is standard issue, some times they go beyond that and buy better.

Condescension is not necessary when answering a question.

Public: Shocker Zombies
Experiments: Shocker Brutes (says so in said Critter’s description)
Bionic Soldiers: Bio-Operators

Didn’t seem like he was being condescending at all.


Opinions on what is and isn’t rude vary. Arguing about is silly.

I sort of think that survivor zombies should have a small chance to grant CBMs on butcher. I get why soldier zombies don’t – they’re the most basic military zombie and it would be a little gamebreaking if they could drop that stuff. But Survivor zombies are supposed to be people like player characters that ended up zombified, right?

So why not give them the ability to drop basic CBM types? They’re not even that common. I’ve killed more scientists or shockers than I’ve seen/killed survivors.

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TheKobald. I apologize if it seemed that way or if i hurt your feelings but i assure you this was not my intention . I simply try to work out the logic of what would or would not happen in this CDDA reality.

On the subject:
It’s a good point about them being sold at electronic stores but they would also need to be installed by a medical professional so i kinda don’t see why they would sell them in stores like that. Also ignoring that last point, if normal zombies (civilians) did have a chance to drop bionics, it would unbalance the game. (too many CBM’s already if you ask me)

List of Z’s that do drop:
Scientists,Technicians,Shockers,Bio-operators,and Cyborgs(feel like i am missing some)

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On the subject of CBM’s, i don’t believe i’ve ever found or harvested a Targeting CBM(like the one you start with in the Bionic Soldier(sniper?) scenario)

No worries, text some times comes off lacking. I wouldn’t expect normal zeds to ever drop cbms.

I just thought it was a possibility for soldiers to have them because they are available to the general populace, and a soldier would make the best use of cbms before the cataclysm.

I do think survivor zombies should have a chance to have them, though. As for soldiers, that is a toss up, they are common enough that it would be a chore to dissect every one that you come across just for the rare chance at a cbm.

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I harvested one yesterday (irl) from a dead Shocker Brute.

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Damn, you’re lucky. It’s very rare than most :slight_smile:

I’ve found at least two of them in my main game, but it’s been going for years, and has covered a huge amount of map.

Ahh Very nice. My hope is renewed!