Finding bionics / CBMs


How can you tell if an NPC / Monster has CBMs installed to harvest? What’s the best way to hunt for them?


IIRC if you try and dissect anything formally human that doesn’t have CBMs you’ll get a message saying something along the lines of “Do you really want to mutilate a human corpse?” (this probably doesn’t apply to psychopaths).
Or more specifically:

Any zombie in the shocker, husk, scientists, bio operators, techie groups has a chance depending on first aid skill and the tool you have avalible

edit: broken cyborgs too

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That’s helpful, so all those shockers I wanted to make into zombie slaves that I pulped because the option didn’t show up probably had CBMs lol. Well I haven’t found a hospital to do anything with them anyways.


pulping shouldn’t stop you (i don’t think anyway)


That seems odd, but I suppose I’ll have to take a look


Technicians have some more worker bee type stuff like tools I think. Find a scalpel. Works best and super lite.

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Basically what TZW said, but anything with fine cutting works for dissecting, so something like an X-Acto Knife works (but the message while dissecting will usually be about how a scalpel would be better.)

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Thanks that helps a lot, so looking for the fine quality is the key. Answers a lot of questions!

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I’ve collected more than a dozen CBMs, but no autodocs. I’ve scavenged thru one hospital for the ‘blood analysis’ mission, but didn’t find an autodoc. What’s the best strategy for finding them?

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Labs are random but have a good chance for autodoc, even more than one.


This, they are safer too, once you clear a lab you don’t have to worry about a horde of zombies mauling you while you’re under anesthetic.


If you’re in a neighborhood with a lot of basements, you might get lucky and chance upon a street surgeon room hidden behind a locker. Labs are the best bet, followed by hospitals, followed by basements.


Hmmm I’ve found many labs, but can’t get inside, lack of computer skill. I imagine my computer skill needs to be pretty high to hack in. And I probably need a functioning laptop or something?

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Hacking into a Lab is quite difficult - but finding a lab key on zombie scientist or a wiped out group of scientists in the wilds is usually pretty easy if you keep an eye out for them, and that’ll get you right in.

You can also blast your way in, but I really can’t recommend that.

You can also drive around the world a lot and just look for hospitals - they’re big, but not as common as they used to be, it seems.


Keep you eyes peeled for body sites, if you see a amoebic mold, gracken, kreck or mi-go you will more then likely find a body site nearby, use the V command when you spot them to see what is nearby. I find those the best place to find science ID cards.

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Electrohack, actually. And the foresight to deal with the non-disarmed turret that’ll be waiting for you when the doors open sans keycard.

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Sounds like a silly idea. But assuming you find a functional vehicle you didn’t wanna keep. You could ram the vehicle in the back of the building enough to get inside. Mind you that turret being a little unhappy about the intrusion may need dealing with :wink:

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