What kind of bionics do you get from different zombies?

So you can dissect different types of zombies for bionics, form the top of my head these are: shokers of all verities, technicians, scientists and bio-operators. Does it matter what type of zombie you dissect in regarts to the bionics you might get, say you can get military bionics from bio-operators but not from scientists or technicians.

Yes, it does matter (at least as off 0.E build #10665, might be changed in the future).

From a Zombie Scientist, you’ll get CBM_SCI, where as from a Zombie Bio-operator you’ll get CBM_OP. Those categories contain different CBMs.
There’s actually a way to abuse this system, as Zapper Zombie does not yield any CBMs, but evolves into a Shocker Zombie which does (CBM_CIV). If you’re fearless enough, you can also hope that they evolve again into a Shocker Brute or Incandescent Husk, which yield CBM_SUBS.
Worst case it turns into a Electric Skeleton, which still drops CBM_CIV (well, actually, worst case, it kills you…).

Since I’ve already listed almost all different CBM-Groups I’m aware off, let me add CBM_TECH from the Zombie Technician too.

In the Bionics Itemgroup you’ll find all the Bionics dropped by different Zombies, missing only the scientist one, which is defined in the Lab-Monsterdrops.
They do have other names than the one’s I’ve listed, as the ones I’ve listed are the harvest group, which also includes flesh and other things, like the CBM_OP for example does contain a Power Storage MKII aside from one additional Bionic from the bionics_op item group.

For completeness, let me get a bit more specific:

  • CBM_CIV contains a Power Storage CBM aside one from the bionics_common item group.
  • CBM_SCI contains one from the bionics_sci item group.
  • CBM_TECH contains a Power Storage CBM and one from the bionics_tech item group.
  • CBM_SUBS contains a Power Storage CBM and two from the bionics_subs item group.
  • CBM_OP contains a Power Storage CBM Mk. II and one from the bionics_op item group.

According to the code, successfully ripping out an intact Bionic from a corpse depends on your First Aid and Electronic skills, as well as the fine cutting quality of the tool you’ll use and your dexterity (aside from the damage condition (not the freshness) of the corpse - so don’t pulp the ones you want to dissect if you’re out for these sweet electronics).

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