Do pets/animals heal?

So I got a german shepherd and it got beat up pretty good and it doesn’t seem to be healing. There doesn’t appear to be a way for me to do anything to help it out either. Hence my topic title question.

Pets and wild animals do heal over time, but they do so at a very slow rate. Keep your dog away from combat and it will eventually get better.

would it heal if you put it on a pet carrier or animal locker?

…Maybe…? The question of pets in carriers got me curious so I decided to poke around a bit. There’s a LOT to poke through though so my successes were quite limited. I wasn’t able to find the creature healing code so couldn’t look through that to see if a crated creature healed. I did stumble on json/code for the pet carrier and it looks as if the creature is stored as data as part of the crate. I’m not terribly familiar with container code but pretty sure that’s nested objects, so different. As I couldn’t find any other references to the creature’s data as part of a crate I lean towards creatures NOT healing while in a crate.

Once I verify my tied up german shepherd is healing and I find a pet crate I’ll try to find out about a wounded animal in crate healing through testing, though I usually mix testing with playing so who knows when that happens. Of course that doesn’t stop anyone else from testing/opening a github issue if they’re not healing :slight_smile:

Draco’s Dog Mod is worth mentioning as the crated (via ‘deactivate’) dogs here almost certainly do not heal. It looks as if the dog is despawned and the crate item is spawned. Letting the dog back out (despawn crated dog and spawn new dog) it becomes apparent that some key data got dropped. I’ve had to re-befriend the dog every time in this case in order to get it to behave like it did before. I’ve ended up removing the relevant json from this mod to remove this mod’s ‘carrier’ feature.