Way to Heal livestock

Is it possible to heal livestock? Do they naturally regen health?

One of my newly tamed cows is only at || health, and my dog is only at 1 bar!

This leads to another question: do tamed animal fight with each other?

Animals naturally do regenerate health, albeit at a very slow rate. I don’t believe you can do anything to speed up the process, you can only try to prevent them from getting in any more fights and thus taking more damage.

I’m also pretty sure that tame animals won’t fight each other in the base game. If you have PK’s rebalancing on or Ascension they might because I believe PK’s does something about how monsters decide to aggro on each other.

That’s very good then. They are all locked up in separated small rooms in the LMOE. I’ll see how long it takes for them to recover!

Can u get milk from cows now

Yes, cows have been milkable for quite a while.

Lol o wow i feel late to the party

I wonder when they’re going to need food. I’m really tired of leaving my LMOE shelter for a couple of months only to find a closet with a toilet where I’ve been dumping rotten food into filled with giant venomous spiders who have somehow managed to grow up without any food.

As I understand it, rotten food - roach - roach shit -spider.

You can’t grow a spider by feeding roaches with feces, man.

Not with that attitude you can’t.

You can grow a spider from roaches though they will eat em. You can also feed them with a nutrient paste as with any other animal.

But you can feed trolls a lot of Bull$h!t and get good varying results :wink: