My pet, the hostile racoon

so a couple times i’ve noticed a hostile racoon following me around, not attacking just following. i equipped a ton of encumbering stuff and was able to train pretty high in unarmed and melee.

but the point is, how come he didn’t attack? i don’t mean he didn’t hit, i mean he wasn’t even swinging; i could craft, sleep, eat, etc. and didn’t get the “monster is dangerously close” message.

not that i’m complaining mind you, i actually enjoyed having a companion around that i didn’t have to win over with dog or cat food.

also, i’m wondering if pets will now ride in car seats yet, and if it’s possible to heal them.

We need a healing nanites grenade, which does negative damage to all limbs.

+1 Do it to it

How do you get anything to ride in a car seat?

I know that when a monster is in the car when It’s moving it seems to get dragged through the walls and splatted.

Nothing rides in car seats right now except for the player and NPCs, and even then the NPCs are pretty buggy about it.