Do new zombies spawn every time you create a character?

Let’s say I create a character and have it on static spawn. After that first character dies, and I continue in the same world, do new zombies spawn with every continuous character, or can you whittle it down character by character until it’s liberated?

You can slowly whittle them down, so long as you destroy the bodies to keep them from getting back up again.

prior to .8 the spawns used to change for the same world for each character. same with corpse spawns.
with .8 it seems to be the same.

can someone verify?

Static spawning happens when a map tile is first generated, which happens when the player gets within 60 squares of it (“coincidentally” it’s max sight range). If the zombies move off that square, they get saved in whatever square they’re standing on when they get unloaded, which also happens when they get more than 60 tiles from the player.

Actually, dying will clear all the zombies that where loaded when your character died.

(it may not be still like this, my long character build is kinda outdated now)