Do coffee trees give coffee powder?

I found 2 coffee trees at a coffee shop. Can I get new coffee powder from the tree?

Or, I have to wait for a cat to eat the coffee beans?

You can harvest coffee beans and tea leaves from coffee trees. Forgot which season. Then you need to roast them, and grind into a powder. I found a forest patch with like 20 trees and was set for life. Atomic coffee>sleep.


As Orange says. The Coffee Trees in game are probably some variant of the Kentucky Coffee Tree. So you’d have to roast the beans and then grind them up.

In fact, the coffee pods harvested from these coffee trees can’t be used to make coffee powder no more.


I remember them not being able to be used for that. I thought it was changed so they could be.

My understanding is that pods are not beans. I’m not sure which item we’re talking about here. Pods can be brewed into a beverage, I think, but it isn’t ‘coffee’.

Do the trees at least still yield tea leaves?

So the gist is basically make it decaf coffee since that doesn’t exist in the game and the Kentucky coffeetree beans don’t contain any caffeine. Plus we don’t have decaf coffee in game iirc so it still has some niche.

So the path I’m suggesting is basically a recipe string like this:
Pick pods from tree
Roast Decaf beans
Grind decaf coffee powder from decaf coffee beans
Brew decaf coffee

Just remove the stimulant effects from the roasted beans and finished coffee. Keep enjoyability, quench, and all that the same and that should satisfy everyone I think.

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@Esther Is adding a recipe for this - PR

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That’s me, yeh. It’s not actually coffee since it has no caffeine (it won’t keep you awake), but it’s an acceptable substitute that’s still a mild stimulant, and it’ll feed any caffeine addiction you have since it’s a substitute, but won’t cause a new addiction.

Basically, coffee but not.


I appreciate the two calories. That’s dedication to black coffee knowledge.

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Whelp I guess I’ll just need to scavenge for my atomic coffee powder again. My survivor hasn’t slept for years due to the old way of being able to mass produce your own coffee powder. Not complaining, it is good for balance.

Apparently the Kentucky coffeetree’s pods don’t actually have any caffeine in them, so it was a choice that had to be made. I *was* considering making some sort of watered-down coffee that was mostly the coffee substitute but with a little bit of powder/syrup added in so that it had a little bit of stim but conserved on materials. It’d be a logical thing to make in the apocalypse, but I’m also not sure of when someone would actually put it together.

I would honestly drink it just for the somatic step of weaning off my caffeine addiction in the apocalypse. When I’m trying to tone down on my coffee intake I often drink hot spiced cider, just so I can have a mug and a hot drink in the morning.

In CDDA I’m sure the morale would make it worth it most of the time. What else are you gonna use all these coffee pods for anyways?

For throwing at the zombies from inside of a gun store, for example.

Trading with gullible caffeine addicts for items that have actual value :stuck_out_tongue:


Just take heroin. The gift that keeps on giving

Anybody else see that elephant in the room? New England doesn’t have the weather for coffee tree nor tea bushes.

So unless someone knows how to grow such warm weather plants in cold climate region. They should be removed altogether. As such plants don’t grow around here.

Such plants grow in india and south american regions. Not NE.

Copied from NotFuji on Github from the link I previously posted.

“The recipe was removed since coffee plants ( which do not grow in New England ) and coffeetrees ( which do ) are different things.”

Well he is wrong.