Missing ingredents and qualities of items and recipes

To more specific roasted coffee beans is missing the coffee pod ingredient that you get by harvesting coffee trees in the fall, and the circular saw is missing its metal cutting qualities even when turned on. It’s been a while since I played were these changed for balancing, or this is an actual programming oversight?

A coffee pod is not the same thing as a coffee bean. You can brew pods (at least in real life) but it’s not coffee.

And circular saws are generally wood cutting saws. To cut metal would at the very least require a different saw blade but most frequently would require an entirely different saw.

Erm, that’s my take. I don’t know the actual explanations.

Circular saws had their metal cutting removed, unfortunately.

Alright that explains the saw, but doesn’t explain the coffee pod bit. Right now they’re useless, sure you can eat them but it’s not really worth it. The tree where get the pods are still useful for getting tea leaves, which makes me think it’s a oversight. On the off chance that it was deliberate, why don’t they just remove the pods altogether and rename the coffee tree to tea tree then?

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