Powdered Coffee shouldn't need a coffee brewer

Just playing around a little bit and hit a stash of MREs right at the start of the game. My character was hungry/thirsty, so I ripped one open and heated up some food, mixed up some lemonade, and wolfed it down. Yum! :smiley:

Now, coffee time! – wait, I can’t just dump it in a mug with hot water? The “Powdered Coffee” that comes in MREs, etc. is freeze-dried instant coffee, not grounds. I know a ton of material in this game is a “yes, we’ll get to it eventually” - but I’m hoping this one is on the roadmap.

It would be very easy to add a recipe for instant coffee using just clean water and powdered coffee if you wanted to. It would just be a Json edit in fact.


there -are- a lot of recipies that use coffee as an ingredient, and to add a new ‘type’ of coffee they’d have to change things around a lot, it’d take a bit… and they’re likely focusing on more important things.

No it really wouldn’t be a lot of work. Probably take about as long clicking through folders as adding another recipe, especially when it’s primarily a copy paste job with just a few requirements and ingredient options removed. Would be far from the only recipe that has a limited duplicate with a requirement removed and ingredient changed. Submitting it is probably more work than the tweaks themselves. Unless the powdered coffee isn’t a separate item then it’s more work but shouldn’t be too much even then. Haven’t taken a good look at MREs for awhile myself.

It would have to be powedered coffee in a nested container, it has diffrent calorie counts, all of that would have to be adjusted in some shape and for

… i’m more for just playin what i have than putting in all the effort to add to it, but thats just me

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Eh depends on how the nested containers are coded. Haven’t tweaked any of those yet. Probably mostly a lot of grunt work given how many types of mre there are if a new type of item needs to be added. I might take a look but got a bunch of other stuff I’d rather work on so no promises.

This makes the most sense, even if just for my own game/playthroughs.

Just spinning off a new “Instant Coffee” recipe to only require powdered coffee + water and making it possibly less enjoyable or effective sounds like a great idea.

The larger efforts of renaming the existing “powdered coffee” to “ground coffee” and creating an all-new “powdered coffee” to replace into MREs, etc. is for another time/obsessive impulse… :wink:

while i agreeee with you, that there should be alternatives… at the same time… its real easy to find a coffee maker if you go into any town in the game XD

… hell i’ve got an atomic coffee maker. sips atomic coffee