Do coffee trees give coffee powder?

That’s neat. I take no responsibility for what’s been said, but I also trust that people developing the game took time to do some research.

And a quick google search reveals a nursery selling them in Massa…that one state with a long name – a bit odd if they wouldn’t grow there.

Also found an article by some professor talking about them existing in New England.

At this point, though, I’m just being argumentative.

Nothing wrong with making a valid contention.

But I forage in the woods enough to see a variety of plants. I really don’t know this tree from conneticut to canada. Not to assume some don’t exist in specific conditions. Just not in the wild. Nor natively.


Looking over images, I recall many a time I’ve seen similar pods. But I’m 99% certain it’s merely a similar type of pod case. Which is really going to bother me nowuntil I get outside again to verify lol

oh well. Now I will be on the look out for this to see if if thistree went wild out here.

edit 2:
possibly these are being confused for the kentucky coffee?

…dammit all. These aren’t native either wtf >_<

I gotta find that tree that I’m thinking of now in the wild to compare all these. Else it will bother me not knowing.

Read Esther’s actual pull request. It clearly states it’s basically a coffee substitute with no caffeine. Just like how settlers in the Americas used it to substitute the need for coffee until they could get it affordable imported.

And technically saying coffee can’t grow in the north is false. There’s modern hybrid coffee plants specially bred to grow in Canada. So those particular domestic varieties would do fine in New England, but they’re not in game.

It would be nice if we could find some of these actual coffee trees in plant nurseries.

Was more interested in such trees existing than the possible existance. Caffiene has nothing to do with them being in the entire region or not lol

In that case I’ll refer you to this paper, which at the very least confirms the existence of the Kentucky coffeetree throughout the Great Lakes region, including present day New York. There’s also the USDA Forestry Service which also specifies central New York as part of its range.

So while it isn’t over all of New England one could say that about a lot of the plants in game that are found wild shouldn’t be found over the entirety of the region, but since this is a game with a vague analogue to a real world location that covers a broad range of ecological areas it’s probably a fine abstraction.

TL;DR It’s at the very least in New York and New York is in New England.

Little sketchy on whether they should be in game. But I’ll concede that you make a reasonable argument for them.

In that light they should be particularly rare since they don’t end up in all 7 states. =)

On the topic of plants. Save me some time. Would you? Are edible forest plants still super abundant in the experimentals? Still testing old versions when I have the time.

They’re reasonably abundant for their caloric value, which is exceptionally low instead of formerly being better than meat. My assumption is that the survivor is mostly finding things like sheep sorrel, chickweed, dock and other low caloric potherbs.

I see these things all over out West, so I’m not sure how common they are in the east, but very low calorie edibles like the “wild veggies” in game are fairly common IMO. I had a character with 3 survival recently who was basically breaking even on calories spent foraging wild veggies and I had to get all the “extra” calories from cattails and dandelions. So the numbers seem about right to me.

I reckon coffee (CAFFIENE!) should be growable.
The game’s not meant to be a full simulation, so a bit of leway should be given.

I mean, might as well walk into the nearest horde at the start of my next game if a world without coffee eventually happens.

Even if one could grow actual coffee, a coffee plant only yields around a few pounds of beans per year, so it would require a large plantation and grow time plus a greenhouse or somesuch.


Endgame coffee plantation to save the world?

Good for trading :moneybag:

I could see coffee having a value similar to tobacco, especially given that tobacco can be grown in huge swaths of New England while coffee can’t, barring the domestic Canadian variety I mentioned.

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Yep, drugs, guns and luxuries etc are always worth more in a crisis, I remember reading something in regards to this in terms of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Really anything difficult to get that has an actual use becomes more valued then money/precious metals/jewels once you stop being able to reliably buy stuff.

Salt is a great fall back. You can make it by boiling salt water. Soap from wood ash and boiling that water to get lye.

The ruskies would make a killing on blue jeans and no joke when I mention you could get laid if you had them. Seriously. It was a sign of cheesy wealth lol

Now I can pick “coffee” tree in the forest and brew myself some coffee substitute, no more useless coffee pods! Hurray! :smiley: