Disassembling Handloaded Ammo

Greetings. I recall in the past being able to disassemble handloaded ammunition. It seems that this is not possible in the vanilla game (in the latest experimental versions). I’ve been looking around in the ammo files, and it is not very apparent what I need to change to allow myself to disassemble reloads again. I would greatly appreciate any help offered.

You need to create a disassembly recipe for the reloaded cartridges. Create a mod by creating a new folder in your data/mods folder, then copy recipe_deconstruction into your mod folder and create a new recipe.

The disassembly recipes are contained in the data/json/recipes/recipe_deconstruction.json file.

Much appreciated, thank you.

Disassembly recipes do not appear in the crafting menu; they take effect when you “D” disassemble an item.