More disassembleable things

So, I’m messing around with disassemble, and it angers me that some are un disassembleable.

Like the LCPD laser pistol, for example. I should be able to jury rig five of them things together to make some sort of death ray.

And a bunch of calibers of ammo can’t be disassembled.

What is your thought on the matter?

Caseless probably shouldn’t be disassembleable. Apart from that, I’d take it up with the mod creators.

Ammo is disassemble-able. It just requires certain equipment. IIRC it is kinetic bullet puller (or something like that).

As I mentioned before, bullets should be disassembleable withoutn this pesky puller. I did this shit IRL with knife and my teeth, russian army ftw.

In Soviet Russia bullet disassemble you.
Also need way to disassemble weapon.