Looking up ammo gives you the recipe to make completely new ammo?

In the latest versions, (as of 0.C-14084-gd5f8f59) I’ve been able to go into the crafting menu and look up ammo and make the non-reloaded version for cheap.

I’m not sure if this is a feature, but the fact that it takes only 30 seconds to make a batch of completely new ammo with only a kinetic bullet puller seems strange. The fact that it is also not listed regularly on the crafting menu, forcing you to look it up through the search function of the crafting menu, is also weird.

This does not work with new characters, but only with characters with a high enough fabrication skill.

Looks like when they put disassembly recipes, they forgot to turn off autolearning.

{ "type": "recipe", "result": "9mm", "id_suffix": "uncraft", "category": "CC_NONCRAFT", "subcategory": "CSC_NONCRAFT", "skill_used": "gun", "difficulty": 5, "time": 500, "reversible": true, "autolearn": true, <------- "flags": [ "UNCRAFT_SINGLE_CHARGE" ], "tools": [ [ [ "puller", -1 ] ] ], "components": [ [ [ "lead", 4 ] ], [ [ "9mm_casing", 1 ] ], [ [ "smpistol_primer", 1 ] ], [ [ "gunpowder", 4 ] ] ] }

Should be a fairly quick patch.

The ammo crafting has been a buggy mess for weeks now. They often use incorrect amounts of ingredients and/or produce wrong amounts of ammo. Certain ammo isn’t listed in the crafting recipes if you browse and look for them manually but you can still find them by searching, which is pretty WTF to me. I gave up long ago and just started throwing the ingredients away and debugging myself the ammo I thought I deserved. Seriously, don’t trust ammo crafting to be accurate.