Disapearing items

I am having trouble with disappearing items I had a loaded m14 just vanish from my safe house as well as several knife spears just disappear for no apparent reason.

suppose I should add some more details, i notice one spear broke and assumed it was just normal wear and tear, went back to my houes and could not find my gun, despite ditching the zombies and make another 3 spears they each disappeared before i could get back to my safe house no combat

Could be the inventory overflow bug.

Did you drop worn clothing and items in the inventory in the same time? Like, dropping a backpack and a spear at once

for the first couple i made I could see that as my inventory was pretty full, but the third spear was in my hand.
also I am reasonably sure my m14 was on the floor of my safe house (i remembered because I googled the thing when i dropped it)
I did wander around the city doing a v to look for it and could not find it.

For that one in your hand:
Could it be, a tecnician- or scientist-zombie stole it?

no zombies were encountered between crafting and meeting the next zombie, I wish i had the save to upload but alas I have the game set to delete the world on death, to temping to save scum other wise.