Clothing Bug? 0.B 2434 experimental

so some of clothes just disappear for what appears for no apparent reason

I noticed two times one when I went to open a door I pressed A instead of a to activate and it told me you cant do anything special with your reinforced skirt where moment ago I was fighting a zombie with a scratched axe I go to look and all my clothes except stocking and panties had disappeared.

the other time I went into combat with a zombie brute and got one shot after death I went and checked the memorial and all my armor and clothes except for basically some of my underwear was gone I and I was attacking it with Bone Gauntlets.

:confused: starting to get frustrated that I start to get something good going then god zaps me with some kind of unclothing beam.

I have no idea whats causing it, it seems to happen at random so before I go and try to find out when it happens I was hopping someone could say this has been happening to them as well.

Did you get hit with a spitter’s spit?

I laughed.

But yeah, the spitters. Also, have messages like ‘Your cracked bone boots have been ripped’ been popping up?

There’s a bug I’m working on fixing right now where wielding worn items disappears every item after it on the list, it might also happen when clothing is destroyed.

alright so I have gotten hit with spitter acid but it was never so dangerous to destroy all of my clothes instantly before, is this a change I missed? but my wielded weapon disappears to and is turned into one of my pieces of clothes I was wearing.

as for the messages about my clothing they pop up in fights but I wasn’t in a fight in the time between me having my clothes and then me finding out I don’t have them and die because of it,
I check my clothes after every fight\kill like a status report. I guess you could say I treat my characters on here like a battleship.

This seems to be part of my issue more being that something happens that causes part of my clothes to be wielded then my clothes and original wielded item disappear.

I can just imagine:
Zombie Scientist 1: Blah (Is it ready?)
ZS2: Bleh (Yes, should we fire?)
ZS1: Ehh (Yes, Fire the Anti clothing ray!)

I was just about to create a new thread for this, but my issue was that I used a hairpin which was worn as clothing, it broke and all clothes worn on top of it disappeared.

Not sure if this was worth noting since it’s just as Kevin said above.

why didn’t I think of this before, what is probably happening to me is that because I am a bit of a clutz I am probably accidentally wielding my clothing instead of doing something else… hopefully.