Clothing with items destroyed

When you are wearing something, like pants, that are destroyed, will the items inside be destroyed as well? Maybe a chance of being destroyed? Or do they just drop to ground?

I swear I keep loosing items I know were in my pockets…

I did not yet “test” this in the newest version, but in experimental just about 2 weeks ago the content dropped to the floor. This also happened when something that was wielded and had content got destroyed.

Damn, not sure what’s happening. I KNOW I had a flashlight, more bandages etc…but I can’t find them. I had a messenger bag and leather pants fail on me in fights, but searching the area, with “v” or otherwise turns up nothing.

Not a huge deal, but it’s driving me nuts

I’ve decided to test it in 0.F stable…

I used the cargo shorts I had on me from character generation but spawned in a messenger bag, a flashlight, a corresponding battery (just in case this makes some difference), bandages and even a glass bottle to test if it will break.

I filled the pants with 3 random items and the bag with the stuff I’ve spawned in.
The pants as well as the bag did drop everything they held to the ground, undamaged.

Unless you’re playing experimental and something got changed (which isn’t impossible, given the recent changes), your missing stuff should still be around somewhere

I appreciate the time. They probably are around somewhere. I move pretty fast most of the time, and won’t notice this or that drop, or mistake one fight local for another.

I also might have alt-f4’ed once or twice when something went wrong. That used to make duplicates if you did it on death. But these were just wrong path sort of mistakes, haven’t died yet, so IDK

While that might cause duplicates, I’ve never had it cause stuff to vanish (unless you did load a save where you did not have crafted or picked it up yet)…

Yeah, same. It sometimes happens to me that I pick up or drop the wrong stuff, or just 1 instead of all, and then wonder where those items went, too… only to find them back in the base.

I think I’ve peaked when I let my character bash in a wasp’s head with his helmet instead of baseball bat, because I’ve mixed up some of the letters (back when every item had one assigned automatically) and wondered during the fight that it 1. took so long and 2. did block so many attacks with the helmet (thinking the wasp was focused on attacking my character’s head)…