Why do my items disappear when I put them in a crate near the ranch?

Why do my items disapper?

Do they reappear when you are adjacent to the crate? If so, then it’s because some containers hide what items are in them. The items are generally still there but you can’t see what they are and may not be able to use them in crafting and whatnot.

This is to prevent the user from hovering a mouse over the tile in order to give the illusion of “line of sight”. As in, you can’t see crap in a box unless you are peering into said box. Thus, why would you in a game. Generally we should have this on corpses too but…>_>

I know I have to get next to the crate. I put my stuff in It , but then some items disapper.

Either they rot away or someone took them and didn’t put back.

It sounds much like this:

Maybe we have a new bug?

Yes , I move a lot of items after raids , but instead of advanced inventory management I use my duffel bag.

Thanks. I can confirm there is a bug.

–Actually, recently my massive stack of almost 1K batteries magically poofed away. It was frustrating, to say the least. I was going to report it, but this thread more-or-less does the same thing. To mention, they weren’t in a crate, but it very possibly had to do with the ‘advanced inventory’ thing, since I use that a lot. Nothing else seems to have gone poof, but now I have a serious lack of batteries. (Or I would have, if I didn’t just debug them back in the game.)

I had that exact problem. I was moving some stuff between vehicles using advanced inventory management and all 1200+ batteries were just gone when I finished moving everything. On top of that, all the ammo that I had accumulated, along with almost 100 plutonium cells disappeared into thin air.

In cases like this, I wouldn’t call it cheating to debug your stuff back.

I have had that with batteries too!

As a temp fix, I just debug menu batteries back.

–Dang game! My tool box just disappeared! Thank goodness I know how to debug stuff in. For some stupid reason, I plopped my toolbox in my vaguely organized tool storage rather than keeping it in my inventory. I like to keep some basic tools on my character at all times so I don’t have to worry about forgetting and every once-in-a-while I’ll run into cases when I need a bunch of stuff.