Shut down friendly robots via notebook subroutine

i have friendly security robot whis is friendlysed via hacking notebook.
but he is slightly damaged and need to repair.
and i whsh to make robot harder to broke.
how to shutdown robot for repair?

Currently they can’t be shut down, and they can’t be repaired. And maybe that’s a small problem. But let’s think further.

  1. First we want to be able to shut them down
  2. Then we want to be able to maintain them (repair, reload, rearm)
  3. Then we want them to be able to become followers, and for example be able to climb stairs, or be able to be transported in a car.

I just think it’s kind of a slippery slope, or at the very least it sort of demands the “big picture” view. Of course if someone feels all of the above is OK/awesome and could be arranged, then so be it. I’m a little worried about outsourcing fighting to the robots. It might break game balance, but on the other hand, it could be just one way to survive. And at this point I’m insinuating talking about the requirements of robot maintenance and requirements / upper limits of building a robot army in CDDA.

Personally I think being able to shut down robots, or to halt them in one spot, would be a GREAT little thing. It’s kind of annoying when they follow you around in a lab. It’s also risky if it’s a security bot, since they have guns, and the player could get caught in the crossfire.

Manhacks can be shut down by bumping into them, but not skitterbots and not security bots - not by bumping, not with the control laptop. If we have the ability to shut them down, should we have the ability to transport and reactivate them? Being bots, they’re really heavy. The security bot could be REALLY heavy, but with advanced inventory it’s possible to move anything disregarding of weight. That could be a separate issue in itself. Another issue is that in order to repair something, you have to carry it first. Can’t really do that with a robot, and it’s probably another separate issue that might need to be resolved. Of course a robot could be considered a vehicle, and then it could be repaired with a welder. There’s a lot to consider here.

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