Dipping feature

I couldn’t find any other mention of this on here, so here goes…

I think it’d be cool to have a “dip” function, similar to #dip from Nethack.
It could be very useful; you could dip projectiles for use in ranged weapons (new uses for poppy chems), dip food items into a condiment, make simple torches by dipping 2x4’s in gasoline perhaps… maybe even dip a bandage in something to increase the healing effect.

These are off-the-top-of-my-head suggestions obviously, but I think it’d be worthwhile for the projectiles alone!

+1 to this.

Also we need chewing tobacco.

Can we dip our clothes in rotten ketchup?
Or maybe dip our contact lenses in concentrated acid water.

Or failing that just add new crafting recipes to simulate doing this.

I quite like the idea of being able to make some kind of horrifying toxin from various chemicals or plants and then loading my bolt thrower with toxin coated bolts.

Dipping cocaine into whiskey, it would create a “cocaine of whiskey”.

We already have it.

The big problem with adding something like this is… the amount of work it would take to do, simply because you need to be able to consider every single possible combination, even those that are added in but could be added through the JSON system. Consider just a simple case of acid. What happens if the player dips something that isn’t acid resistant at all into acid? Is the weapon destroyed? What if it’s only partially resistant? What if I try to dip a liquid into a liquid? If I dip a grenade into poison, will the shrapnel have a poison effect? What if I dip something into acid and then immediately shoot it? Does the acid effect still work, or is the ammo instantly destroyed before I can shoot it? What if I dip something that’s on fire into water? What if I dip it into gasoline? Similarly if I dip food into ketchup how much is consumed? What if I dip it into acid, is the same amount consumed?

It’s a lot of coding, and it works in things like Nethack because they started to handle things like that long ago, and because their item lists are a little more fixed, so they can work on coding for individual items. Our item list, by contrast, is much more fluid, and moddability by the common person has always been one of our goals. This greatly expands the amount of work adding something like this would need to do.

That said it is possible to add more recipes and frameworks to simulate this (eating food + condiments simultaneously, crafting new “poison” arrows, etc.). And is something that we are looking into doing eventually.

Well that’s a bit of a reality bummer. Makes sense and all though. I have no experience with coding, so I didn’t really take all that into consideration.
That would be pretty cool still to simulate this as you said in a different way.
Especially the condiments and projectiles. It happens far too often that I eat a jar of mayonnaise by itself since I have nothing else to craft with it.
Also poison arrows/knives/nailboards/spikes/whatever is too awesome not to implement somehow.

One issue with poison is that most of the enemies you fight are zombies, robots or animals. The first two can’t be poisoned and the third you want to eat.

Valid point, but the first two you mentioned could still be damaged with an acid related projectile/trap, and there are plenty of times I’d rather just kill that angry bear/pack of wolves/giant-whatever-the-hell and get outta there than stick around for butchering.
Besides, there’s still the poppy sleep arrows! Surely a mild hypnotic like that wouldn’t harm the meat too much.
Not much more than the various horrible drugs/steroids/chemicals/bacteria that’s already present in your average store-bought meat anyway.

Store-bought survivor.


Some of those sound like great ideas for more recipes, ya know?