I’d like for poison to be implemented in the game. Poison knives, arrows, anything. Could make poisons of various strengths, from rat poison to cyanide.
Though, I don’t think the effective dose of rat poison could fit on a knife.

Could include super strong opiates such as fentanyl as poisons. I’m not sure whether they’d work on a zombie, but I dunno.

Just an idea. I’ve tried my hand at modding in a poison, but I couldn’t figure it out.

Eh, dump it in swamps.

I suppose most poisons would only be effective on living targets though? as in NPC’s and wildlife?

Is it possible to code in a poison with the current coding restrictions? Doesn’t seem to be possible to make a negative health causing item.

Through jsons? No. You could make something that dropped a character’s “health” stat, but all that would do is make them get sick.

Through coding? Certainly.

Wouldn’t be too hard, could 'a’pply poisons to thrown objects, and that would stash a dose in the weapon, then on impact it could try to apply the effect.

I’m sure we could come up with zombie/triffid(roundup lol)/fungus specific poisions, with the benefit that they might not even be dangerous to the player.

The whole thing is a BIIIG can o’ worms though, application to thrown and melee weapons is probably the main immediate application* (though you could use poisoned bait once we have critters eating things), and some canned poisons, but then we’ll want recipes, and 11 secret herbs and spices to make the various poisons, and have them spawning all over, and cultivating them, and more chemistry stuff, etc…

Huh, that paragraph was SUPPOSED to be reasons not to do it, but had the opposite effect, now I want to do it more.

*Ranged guys would get some love too, I’m sure we’d add a tranq gun, and load up the syringes with more fun stuff.