Its been about 2 months, WOW. Great Job!

I have told you guys before how I enjoy this game and think its awesome. You are approaching an amazingly perfect game. I don’t like parts of the game in a good way. I just wanted to tell you how great it is. I feel like I’m in the world, and it feels like its alive now more then ever… Constantly on the look out for packs of Z-dogs or those dumbass Zombears trying to eat me, while getting my supplies up and together…
The crafting system is absolutely the best now. I enjoy how much I can build, and having to read many books to get recipies and such, just makes sense. I can’t even begin to tell you how enjoyable I’ve found it.
Everyone who has contributed and participated has helped to make an amazing and kick ass game.

Glad to hear - it’s a refreshing change from all the negativity lately…

wel, i’m still playing it after 10 month. And that says either a lot about the game or very little about me :slight_smile:
It is indeed a very good game, but i’m human and i want more…

yeah it’s true CDDA has advanced a lot in recent months. still haven’t fixed mounted weapons hitting their own vehicle though :stuck_out_tongue:

Because people want a better game, we are being negative?

Yah. People seem to think harsh criticism will bring about changes more quickly, which I can understand, since the issues that come up do need to be brought to light.

Doesn’t mean we need to rant and rave about how terrible it is, though. We should be happy the game is there at all.

Agreed everyone! I’m happy that we all love can give the devs something positives to read instead of “MOAR STUFFZ”!

It’s a great game, although I find the lack of pet stores appalling… Guess I have to fix that. d:

Sometimes we just have to remember, this is free. A Labor of love, and far better than dwarf fort.

Remember folks, if you really want a fix implemented you can always learn to code (it’s not as hazard as it looks, really) and put it in yourself. The game is open source after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said it’s always nice to hear someone commenting on how much they like the game. :slight_smile:

Awesome work indeed. Thank you very much for making the game stable again. Now I can enjoy your great improvements to the game again.


Everyone have their own opinion, you shouldn’t feel bad if someone like CDDA more than Dwarf Fortress .