Debug Death-Racing

So I accidentally figured out that making a start and finish line at either ends of the map and then driving a vehicle at full speed w/ a random character is really fun.
The idea is to get to your set goal by road with each unique character/vehicle before you die in as little time as possible.
At least that is the idea I came up with to do it.
The rules I set for myself are:
-character must be random
-vehicle chosen by dice or RNG
-Characters have meds spawned in for the likely event of them smashing into a wall at 60mph<
-Every time a vehicle is wrecked a new one is spawned in

Also if you end up doing this you may want to quicksave frequently, I’ve experienced a couple crashes due to vehicle related shenanigans.

The thought of making a Stratford Motor Speedway type area excited me before. Maybe an actual race track would enhance the game?

Well. You go and use map-editor one z-level above the surface and you are good to go. Getting off the track = death.