What are my odds of death? [Minimum bet is 100 batteries]

I’m currently running a spiked 5x9 deathmobile with a V6 gas engine and ~20 solar panels with all the usual including UPS. No backup deathmobiles or fallback bases yet. 2 NPCs, haven’t touched their armor yet but I gave them both glaives. As for myself I’m a frail hospital start and running air rifle [bearings] with an HK [.45] for emergencies. Carry weight has been an issue lately so I’m only wearing enough armor to stay warm. It’s getting cold so my encumbrance is in the yellow for all limbs.

My current target is a mall. It seems like the next challenge to tackle now that cities aren’t a challenge. If that doesn’t kill me I’ll poke my nose into a subway station or a sewer for the first time. If THAT doesn’t kill me I’ll give my companions guns and all the ammo I’ve been hoarding so we can take on a bee hive (haven’t found anything more dangerous yet - that FEMA camp was a joke). And if THAT doesn’t kill me, well, I guess I’ll build a farm big enough to be my sole food source - basically the only reason to raid new towns is for food since there is a TON of scrap in the places I’ve already cleared out. Then I’ll make an electric deathmobile just for scouting, maybe build a castle next to my farm.

This is the first character that has lasted long enough to get a deathmobile. (Ignoring Mr. StatsThroughSkillsIV - OP) My fear is that I’ll die to something stupid. Given my current gear and strategy, what do YOU think I will die to?

[ol][li]Accidentally running out of food.
Accidentally letting my legs break and getting mobbed by regular Z’s
Encountering a special Z for the first time.
Raiding the mall and getting mobbed.
Raiding the subway station in the dark and getting trapped and mobbed.
Raiding the beehive and having my deathmobile break down in the middle of a swarm and/or running out of ammo.
Raiding a lab and getting instakilled by turrets.
Hostile survivor with an automatic weapon.
None of the above.

EDIT: Maximum bet is 10 storage batteries.

9- None of the above, you will die by trying to eat a none, of course.

Update: one of my NPC’s, Iola, died. There goes 30% of my firepower and 50% of my meat shield. We ran away once she got down to 2 bars, but we got chased and she wound up at 1 bar. Then I found out she was infected. I used medkits, disinfectant, bandages, nothing seemed to work (forgot about antibiotics). She died in her sleep a few days later. I guess my strategy of putting reach weapons on 2 NPC’s falls apart when you’re up against a small mob.

I’m not subjecting my other NPC to melee combat ever again. I don’t care if he has Unarmed 6, I’m not going to do that to him. Instead I’m kitting him with an air rifle, a full sight of light armor, and I’ll keep his ammo between 200-300.

I’m really bummed that Iola paid for my mistake, but hey, better her than me! I’m hopping my remaining meat shield protects me from my next mistake :slight_smile:

I’m going for none of the above, betting 100 fusion packs.

I avoid malls like plague. The sheer number of zombies is ridic. The sewers are the complete opposite of malls. There’s almost nothing. So if you can survive a mall, you’ll survive anything. The only thing more dangerous I can think of is creating a new world and upping the zombie numbers and the evolution rate.

My bets are on 4. and 7. The arrogance brought by current ammo supply can be dangerous. Equally dangerous is peek-a-booing and messing with turrets at close ranges. I’ve died more than once by going up/down the stairs in labs, just to be greeted by a turret at the other end of the stairs.

From what I understand, you barely met any special zombies yet, correct? That would at least explain Number 3.

That means, the Mall will most likely be just full of regular zeds. that shouldnt be that much of a problem if you’re being smart.

That said, my money is on Number 7. I lost so many of my survivors thanks to those turrets, it’s not even funny. I’m always anxious when I’m entering a lab, and so careful, and they still get me all the time, it’s not even funny anymore.
As to my bet: How about 40 liters of Gasoline and Diesel each as well as my tophat and monocle?

you could always die in one of my most spectacular ways to date, forgetting to fasten (or repair, i forget which) your 5 point racing harness before ramming your home made tank into the side of a lab, hilarious! :slight_smile:

Two paper wrappers say you will die by moose.

200 batteries and three packs of necco wafers that you die by misplaced explosion.

Malls are relatively easy tbh, all you have to do is break a single pane of glass and let them funnel through

Then throw molotovs and watch them burn.

When in doubt - molotovs.

Update! Adjust your bets accordingly. (Plutonium NOT valid tender unless proper containment and/or iodine tablets are provided)

My remaining meatshie - er, NPC is now kitted out in (encumbering) light armor and my old Pneumatic Assault Rifle. Other than the occasional friendly fire we’re getting along quite well. My new favorite silent weapon is the Pnuematic Bold Driver - reloads fast for double the damage.

So far the mall is a real letdown in terms of threats. Sure, a zombie hulk can appear out of nowhere at any time, and it’s a hot summer so I’m practically naked, but I doubt there’s anything in here my Sig552 on full auto can’t obliterate. Killing me would require either getting completely mobbed from all sides, or stepping around a corner into a Hulk+shocker/smoker combo - and even that probably wouldn’t do it.

Thanks for the tips about the turrets in the labs - I won’t use any lab stairs without full maxed out body armor. For that matter, I might opt to use a jackhammer and enter the lab from a safer angle (as soon as I find one). It’s a shame you can’t tell meatsh - er, NPC’s to go down stairs before you do.

On the bright side, I now have enough bling and explosives to be both stylish AND awesome. I’m working on a foldable electric bike - I’m thinking of putting lots of explosives in the baskets and making a hit’n’run through the beehive. That won’t be dangerous in the slightest.

maybe someone could add a “push down stairs” feature? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I just made a bionic patient, just to try it out since you made it look interesting.
I’m definitely liking the added tension due to you having very little health. But despite this, i’m actually thriving.

I’ll bet 5 diamonds that you live.

You will die of something. I bet my entire existence. All-in.

Even if your character doesn’t die now, they will ultimately die of heat death of the Universe eventually, destroying your character and HDD.

I feel like the Cataclysm equivalent of Dwarf Fortress’s inevitable FPS death is simply getting bored and playing something else/a new character, leaving your old one in limbo till the end of time

The gnome speaks truth!

Super late update: The above was the correct answer. I wound up making new characters and forgot about the old one. My latest deaths were due to meeting a zombie grenadier for the first time without knowing about what happens AFTER you kill them, and meeting my first tank drone while cruising down the road at 100+ kph (too fast to turn/slow in time).

I raided a mall on 2x spawn rate 5x item spawn rate and survived easily enough. At night it seems they congregate around the areas where the sunlight shines down, and you can draw them off with noise makers to raid that sweet, sweet supply dock and book store.

Edit: armed with a hunting knife, melee 4, cutting 4, and enough torso encumbrance to crush a man. 2 bpckpacks, 2 rucksacks, 2 dufflebags, 2 runnerpacks, 2 fanny packs, and just enough strength to keep up with the volume thanks to stats through skills.