Survivor/Ex-Survivor Vehicle Encounters?

So I find it difficult to believe I’m the only person that’s built one of these RVs on Steroids. Why not have an encounter with such vehicles akin to drug deal encounters? You come across a lightly to severely damaged Mobile Field Base, and either some loot inside (No more ‘quality’ than a dead people encounter) or a dead body outside that’s clearly been looted and maybe some garbage inside? Ideally a survivor bus would be something like an RV with a welding rig and space for your their shit.

Could also give an excuse to find Survivor-Brand gear on dead folk. Not to mention I love the concept of coming across a loaded MFB minus it’s survivor, gives the thought someone might show up and nick your MFB sometime. XD

Your vehicle in the game! $40 in the next Kickstarter.


[quote=“KA101, post:2, topic:3588”]Your vehicle in the game! $40 in the next Kickstarter.


If I had it I would :stuck_out_tongue:

Not the point though, it could be any vehicle it just needs to be modified to look like it’s been designed for use post-apocalypse, figured it’d be less work intensive to have one “Survivor Van” than a Survivor Car, Survivor Pickumup, Survivor Bus, Survivor Swivel Chair, etc

That’s a solid idea, also with further developments we could have a NPC that migrates around on the overmap, and whenever you encounter them they have their camper set up for camping. (for technical reasons, I’m not at all sure we’ll EVER have NPCs driving)

Fixed it, because let’s face it, it’d be funny as hell to see an NPC zipping by at a hundred miles an hour “Hey! We should talk!-” Splat. Vehicles flying though buildings… NPCs driving the wrecks that are parked fucking horizontally across bridges into the river…

On second thought can we get them to drive?

I went through the exact same thought process, “wow that’d be terrible, they’d be running over stuff, causing explosions, smashing into houses… no wait that’s a great idea”, which leaves us with the technical problems with it :frowning:

Which reminds me, why are there no repercussions for driving absolutely wasted? Right now it seems to be more dangerous to drive while trying to fix a headlight. [size=1pt](IT WOULD HAVE WORKED IF I’D SET CRUISE CONTROL TO 19 INSTEAD OF 190)[/size]