Deaf for 14 days now, how to cure?

Damned elite grenadiers. Just when you start to believe you know everything about them, a suprise may still come. Dealing with mininuke-manhacks is trivial if you know how to and are prepared. Dealing with dropped active grenades or c-4’s is harder, but possible. But dropping active mininuke? Thats dirty.
Thankfully i injected some Rivteh stimulants and used adrenaline pump just before engagement. The structure of military outpost did not allow me for long-range engagement (Basicaly, Z grenadier was closed in toilet). So when i noticed active nuke 2 tiles away from my feet, i had a mini heart-attack. Luckily. the timer seemt to be a little longer than standard explosives. I closed the building (reinforced concreate walls, metal doors), frantically jumped over fence and maniacally sprinted to the forest. I think i was about 5 tiles from blast range and about 7 tiles from the crater it made.
But now time passes, and i am crippled. Cannot talk to NPC’s. Its kinda funny sometimes when a wild NPC approaches, possibly with bad intentions, but when he realises you are deaf, he leaves you allone. At least it would be nice to know how to estimate remaining deafness time. So far the longest time i was deaf was about 1 day. And if my character is going to be deaf, for lets say, longer than 100 or 300 days, thats gonna suck. Maybe nanobots could have option to lower recovery time? Or maybe MR. Nerfcell could help?


Royal jelly doen’t help : /

I think you’re just deaf now. Going to have to get used to it.

stupid question but you’re sure you didn’t forgot that you have ear plug or noise cancelling head gear on ? Or a cbm that makes you deaf ?

Improved hearing cbm might help you.

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OMG, this bug still exist? :smiley:

No, i checked everything million times. I dont have bionic, and my earplugs are in backpack. I wish i had them inside my ears when thing happened, but i did not know how much time i have before the thing goes off. And my head hurts constantly. Putting earplugs now doesnt do anything.

I am not sure if its not too late for it. If nothing else helps, i will install it, but i am playing with CBM slot limit and i need to make some space in my head.

Not very optimistic. Its my most succesfull non-cheating character, and i would like him to be playable. Not that being deaf is a big hinderance, but its more an annoyance.

Now i am starting to thing there should be a limit how long you can get deafened. Maybe about 1 week. Broken bones heal in 4-5 days and so far its the longest crippling effect except this.
I know mininukes encounters are rare, and IRL if you barerly survived explosion, you probably have permanently damaged ears, but its a game where permament crippling mechanic does not bring any gameplay improvement, and after all, we are blob-infected super-healing humans from future.

Copy the entire folder and use the copy as a test. Make your life easier and just spawn in a cbm and testing it. That way you don’t bork your game with silly left overs and other misc crap.

It’ll atleast give you an idea if finding one will help you at all. IRL it would because it would replace your ears and ear drums etc. But I didn’t program the game so…

Code says :

deafness_duration = time_duration::from_turns( felt_volume - 130 ) / 4;

noise = ex.power * ( ? 2 : 10 );

Just need to find how loud nuke are and we should be able to calculate how long it last. I think …

EDIT : I can’t find what is the power of a mini-nuke, but I also didn’t find anything suggesting that definitive hearing loss is a thing. So it should stop at some point.


Just think of it as adding a bit of character to the character. A permanent crippling injury can help make a character experience unique. That’s why I’ve been making amputee classes to play lately and will probably try and get them added mainline at some point. And once I can figure out why Radioactive won’t work as a starting mutation.


Do you have a permanent deaf mod? Would make sense.

“A loud noise has made your ears bleed. You are deaf”
“You have a high pitch squeal in place of your hearing”
“You can hear BlueBell flowers. The good news is, you don’t need to hear anything now. The bad news is, you are dead” (because when you can hear BlueBell flowers ringing. Your life is at an end.)


I do not but now that you mention it I should make a deaf trait too. Sounds interesting and I have not heard of this permanent deaf mod


If you can do it. Probably make it’s way into the core game. I never been perma-deaf in game so I think it is a good idea =D


Somebody posted recently about being deafened by a mini-nuke and regaining hearing after 14 or 15 days. So it still might come back.

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Might, but Hof was quite a bit farther away from the epicenter of the blast as I recall, having it right on the edge of the reality bubble so that it would detonate.

open your save and find in char file “eff_type”: “deaf”, “duration” the value next is amount of deaf


Now that you mention it, there was a really high earning LUA trait that gave premament deafness (8 points!) and could not be cured (which probably shows that the mod came long before the enhanced hearing CBM). It would be really cool for you to re-add it!


Idk about deafness, but once I had like prema-blind, this was a hell, I heard how my npcs died and cant do anything with that, ive walked into my room with a attempt to recover, then I died, cause I was woke up by zombies, all this was around 1-2 days. Easily can be like prema.

Ok, i found the file in save, and it turns out my deafness duration is 4373200 turns. That gives 304 days of deafness… FML.


Now you will need a lot of reading material, some long term crafting plans and tons of food. You’ll make it! :slight_smile: