FIX MY EARS/ title to short must be more than 15 letters

long story short for some god awful reason a mini nuke I detonated 3 days ago felt like holding on to its shock wave and waited for me to come back then fuck my ears up and now I’m perma deaf. Apparently save game editing can fix my problem and according to Savegame Editing - The Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Wiki and reddit its easy as pie. FUCK THAT. This so called .sav file doesn’t fucking exist and under templet and my character is a maze of words thats a whole 72 google doc pages and also according to google not one word in that mass of words even has deaf in it. This really really really pisses me of because this character is by far my best every thing was going so well up until this. Please I will cut off a finger and mail it to you if you could spare me the knowledge of fixing my ears. Not sure how well swearing is here but I just really need to convey my anger. Also merry Christmas.

for the future, install the enhanced hearing CBM before messing with high explosives, cause it not only lets you hear lots better but also protects your ear in case of this exact situation.

what you want to do is go into your files (yes i realize you’ve done this already, but just hear me out.) wherever you put cdda, in the save folder, there should be a weirdly named save file name and it’ll be labeled ‘.sav’, if you cant see the .sav, go to the view tab on windows explorer (top right, next to share, assuming you use windows 10) and look for a box on the far right called ‘file name extensions’ and click that (also while you’re doin this, click hidden items, it’ll let you do other things in other places later.)

now, when you go to open the .sav file, right click it, go to properties and make sure its opened up in notepad. (NOT GOOGLE DOCS) if this was done correctly you should see info like what turn you’re on, what turn you started that character on that world, what the initial season was, etc. this is where you search for the thing you’re looking for. which is ‘deaf’ (and by search i mean ctrl+f, type in deaf. you may have to try multiple save files if you have multiple characters on that world, to find the right one.)

once you find the right one, you’ll find something along the lines of
“effect”: [ “efftype_id”, “deaf” ] }, { “count”: 1, “first”: 5212844, “last”: 5212844 } ]

thats -not- what you’re looking for. keep going.
“deaf”: { “bp_null”: { “eff_type”: “deaf”, “duration”: 564
for you, the duration will probably be some insane crazy high number, you just wanna lower it down.
exit, say yes to save, load up game, move a few spaces, probably not deaf? if still deaf come back here.

…You forgot to include an adress that s-/he can send the cut off finger to :grin:

As for:

There are multiple of the same name but with different file extensions and - if you have more than one character in a world - even different ones.
In the latter case, if you’re not sure which one you’re looking for but know the name of your character; you can either check the .log file (turn file extensions on) and look for "[NAME] began their journey into the Cataclysm." or - since the file names are encoded with Base64 - copy-paste the filename without the # at the start into a Base64 decoder of your choice (link provided for convenience).

You could just roll with being deaf like I do lol. The consequences of playing with mininukes without hearing protection. As long as you use notepad and follow the instructions above it really is easy to modify save files. Or any other file really, pretty easy to change just about anything in the game.

"eff_type": “deaf”, “duration”: 22445924, “bp”: “bp_null”, “permanent”: false, “intensity”: 3 I dont even want to know how long that is but ya I found it and no I was only using google docs for the find tool because I aint scrolling threw note pad for a week looking for deaf when I struggle with finding words in 1st grader word searches.

yeah no i feel you completely, but the file’s not gonna work in google docs, which is why i said it XD

that’s in turns, with each turn being a second, so close to 260 days, which is half a year if you’re playing with 90 day seasons.

(also i’ll pass on your fingers thanks~)