Dark Dualshocks Ahead

Before I begin, this new forum layout is entirely unfamiliar to me, so if I make any errors whilst creating this thread I apologize.

I recently downloaded DS4Windows so I could configure cata to work on a Dualshock and it occured to me that there are only like 30 configurable buttons on the whole controller.
So I went ahead and configured what I thought to be the most essential controls, played with the configuration for a few hours making minor tweaks here and there just for better playability. (still needs the keyboard for a few controls I couldn’t put onto the Dualshock.)

Going to post some screenshots of my configuration, I would appreciate any help I could get, if you’ve done this sort of thing before and know of a better configuration let me know, thank you. -Nodus

PS, Can’t seem to get into my old account, and apparently new accounts can only post one picture, so maybe I can post the other as a reply.

Second image

I offer any help but this is definitely an interesting project, can’t say I’ve ever considered anything like this for Cata. I am curious though, do you actually feel like this is a more convenient way of playing than a keyboard or is this just a novelty project like running doom on a graphing calculator?

I’ve been playing Cataclysm for years with a keyboard, so obviously it’s more convenient for me to use what I’m already familiar with.
The idea here is to make Cataclysm more approachable for casual gamers, the type that would never sit down and memorize the keybinds like us. All they would need is my configuration and a PS4 controller, and they’re ready to start playing.
Just take a look at those screenshots and see what keybinds I put on there and where, I’m positive you’ll start to notice some controls that were left out. If you think you know of a better place to put key “X” let me know and why and I’ll go edit it in to see how it works and so on, until this thing is figured out.

To help you out, this is what I’ve come up with so far.

D-pad: Non-Diagonal movement
Left Stick: Diagonal movement (Up becomes Unload, and down becomes Butcher when holding L2)
Left stick press(L3): Sleep
L1-R1: Going up or down stairs
L2: Left Shift (When held changes some keybindings)
R2: Tab
Share Button: Status Screen
Start Button: Inventory (Compare when holding L2)
PS Button: Map (Missions when holding L2)
Triangle: Examine (Consume when holding L2)
Square: Drop (Drop Adjacent when holding L2)
Circle: Esc (Backs you out of most menus)
X: Enter (Confirm highlighted option, Various other features)

The right stick is a little tricky, stay with me.
Right stick left: Relayers your clothing
Right stick right: Waits a turn
Right stick up: Zooms in (Zooms out when holding L2)
Right stick down: Look around (Peek when holding L2)
Right stick press(R3): Fire (Change fire mode when holding L2)

Touchpad left: Smash (Save and Quit when holding L2)
Touchpad right: Crafting menu
Touchpad dual press: Construction menu