Cata with a controller?

So I saw this on Github… Did Cataclysm get controller support at some point?

If so, what are the controls? I wanna try this just because.

I didn’t knew that…
Well… you could use this program called JoyToKey… but i am pretty sure it’d be hard to map everything!

Sure isn’t finding my 360 controller.

Nope it doesn’t add joystick support, just fixes a longstanding glitch.

It doesn’t add it because it’s been there for a while, you can use a joystick, but there’s a severe shortage of keys.
If someone hooks up a controller, maps something to the main menu, and let us know how it goes, thay’d be awesome. If we get feedback about how it works (or more likely, how it doesn’t work) we can try to fix it.

One button for enter, the rest to open up action menus. Figure that’d to the trick.

Use the free JoyToKey.exe Ver3.7.4… after you figure out how to configure it, it is the greatest controller utility you’ll find. I bought a steelseries controller from walmart and figured it would have a driver for windows 8, why wouldn’t it? NOPE. JoyToKey will let you map a controller to ANY game/software that I’ve encountered. The only issue is that you have to hand configure the joysticks to the right sensitivity (just use the D-pad for cata anywho). Hell, you can map a joystick to the mouse pointer and use it outside of games.

I think it’s pretty possible, actually.
Still, we should have a menu popup with all the commands someone can use, so, if you need to put something weird… just put the menu, search for the desired action that you don’t have mapped to any of the other keys… and voila.

There IS a menu like that. :stuck_out_tongue:
Gotta map it though.

You know, I think I’ll try setting up Cata with a controller later today. Sounds like a cool little thing to do.

If you’re really, really into mapping everything to a controller, I recommend you use glovepie.
It’s a crazy tool that lets you write a script that rewrites inputs from any device to any device. It was designed to work with motion-sensitive controls like spatial-aware gloves, but it has support for every conceivable controller, really. You could even manage to map a driving wheel to the Cata controlls for vehicles if you really wanted.
If you’re short in keys, you can add switches to fork your controller into several operating modes or whatever your imagination and control-flow skills are up to. Theoretically, you could even turn your controller into a chorded input device (where you press several buttons for a single output), or code mouse gestures to actions. The sky is the limit. =3