Menu Changes for Next Release?

Just some input from my time when I first “attempted” to play Cataclysm as I want to try and get other people into Cataclysm but I know they probably will get locked out entirely by the menu’s without either a video tutorial explaining how to navigate or me over their shoudler explaining it just to just get a game started. I know I had to go hunting video tutorials just to get past the menu in Cataclysm and was wondering if some user friendliness might be required considering not too much has changed there.

The transition between arrow keys moving between option in the main menu and having to use tab during character creation, and the mix of tab, > and < and arrow keys in world gen is the main issue. The games always changing what inputs you need to control what and I still fumble around with world gen even after creating many worlds. I’ll admit to almost giving up on the game after the first 3 video’s I tried for newbie tutorials didn’t cover the hotkeys to just navigate into the game. It’d be nice if new players didn’t need to watch video’s just to beat the games first true boss, the menu.

If possible mouse controls would be good or simple allowing a single button to work fully for navigation, able to flick through the various hotkey restricted things rather then having to remember what hotkey will move this part of the menu this time. I don’t think it’s a good first showing of cataclysm, learning ingame hotkeys makes sense, you have to do that in every game, but Cataclysm was the first game I’ve ever played where the I needed to seek help before even getting playing it.

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Personally, I’m a fan of the gatekeeping.


You use the arrow keys to move between options, and the tab key to move between tabs. It’s not that complicated. It used to be how things worked in all sorts of apps back before the mouse-driven WIMP GUI paradigm took over.

Aside from remapping < and > to Left and Right arrows in world gen, I don’t see much that could be changed for accessibility. It generally makes sense, though I admit that it took me a half-hour to learn how to get to the Blacklist and Balance mod screens. So what, you gotta learn that Tab can do more than make a big space in Word? Big deal.

I must disagree with the opinion that keybinding should change, because assertion that “games always changing what inputs you need to control what” isn’t true. This menu keybinding format is used for many(if not all) important aspects of CDDA menus, such as Character creation, CBM/Mutation tab as well as Crafting.

I do however want the keybind to be on every worldgen step.
The content in red box only appear on “World Mods” tab.