Daily builds and galenevils developer diary

note: you have to be a kickstarter donator to read the dev blog.

the coding glyph is doing for this is a much larger task. such as z-levels and such. are these getting mashed into daily builds? hard to tell from commits. asking since id figure they would be really buggy at this point so not sure if its worth it for me to try out the new toys in the latest experimental builds.

Minor correction, it’s GalenEvil doing it, not GlyphGryph.
From my point of view the kickstarter features are the same as any other features. We coordinate on IRC and the github issue tracker, and I poke at people to submit chunks of work incrementally so we can review and merge it more easily. That’s a bit harder with the relatively big tasks Galen is working on, but that’s the goal regardless.

The tile stuff continues to get polished (isometric tiles now!), and Galen has contributed a bunch of cleanup and groundwork that make the Mod Manager and world builder stuff possible, and there’s a big chunk of world builder, which is being called World Factory now for some reason that’s supposedly ready to land. I’m kind of holding that up because I’ve been really short of time for the last week or so.

Important note: GalenEvil is the one doing the dev diary coding, not GlyphGryph!

That said all of the stuff you hear about in the dev diaries gets merged in chunks, usually 1-2 per release (sometimes less, sometimes more). An easy way to check for stuff is to look on the PR list for GalenEvil. These usually will be there as he works on them, and if they are merged from that list then they should be present in the experimental builds.

Edit: Ninja Kevin! :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally forgot about the dev diaries for us kickstarterers… (is that even a word!?) Where do I go to access that again?

Got o the main page and click on the “login” button at the top. After logging in with the username/password you set up through the kickstarter, there should be a new button labeled “developer diary” that you can click.

If you haven’t created an account yet, you should have received a message to your kickstarter account/email with the details you need to do so.

I now has access to dev diaries! BWA HA HA HA HA HA!

sorry galen didn’t mean to insult you or suggest you have lower caliber skills by calling you glyph… (kidding)

how are you guys going to test the world builder and z-levels? will there be a separate branch for that? I would think z-levels in particular will need a ton of testing and could probably use multiple people testing it.

World builder and mod manager are fairly straightfoward. Yea once we have prototype z-levels we’ll likely post builds of that for people to playtest.