Experimental Release with Mod Manager and future one with Z-Levels

Just read the latest developer diary. Looks like Galen is close to have a beta version of the mod manager. I say beta because things like this always need testing. I recommend posting on the main page when this is in the experimental download, stickying a thread in the bugs forum for people to post comments, some ideas on how people can help test it, and probably a format for posting bug reports. People often make posts in paragraph form with alot of verbage. Alot of bug reports will be identical, so its probably easier to give a format so that the dev’s and galen can quickly scan them. Having 1 thread completely dedicated to just bug reports is a good idea.

i would also recommend stickying this thread and deleting any posts that are NOT bug reports even if they are comments on bug reports. people can either create new threads to discuss existing bug reports or you guys can sticky another thread. i say this because I want to make this as easy for you guys to read as possible. I’d also delete/reformat any bug report than do not meet the proper standard. the basic idea is to make these as easy to read as possible.

One idea for a bug report standard would be:

One line subject:
Mod(s) tested:
Copy of error message(if any)


Ask people to post all screenshots inside of spoilers.

Galen is starting on z-levels. this is probably going to need alot of testing. It may be best to do a branch when you do this testing (yeah i know merges are a bitch) and then have an experimental link just for z-level testing. This way you hold everything else constant while banging out z-level bugs.

What do you guys think? You guys all seem to talk regularly so not sure if this is helpful or not.

As far as bug reports are concerned uh, isn’t that what Github is for?