How are those z's coming?

I really don’t like to be the one to disturb the peace, cause I know that the developers are doing everything they can. But I’m just curious about those Z-levels.

When do you think they’ll be introduced?

Sometime after the mod manager gets working. I think starting scenarios and the mod manager are about the only kickstarter required things left, so at max you’d probably have 1-2 months before work begins, all depending on how fast GalenEvil is able to implement the other required things. (Alternatively work could begin once the mod manager is working, which hopefully shouldn’t be too much longer).

Maybe 1-2 months?
It’s gonna be painful, but I’ll gladly hang in there.

That’s quite exciting. Sounds like a nice Christmas present to me.

i would expect more than a month since mod manager is not done yet and z-level sounds like an extensive back end change which implies it will touch alot of code.