Developer diary and experimental release

For those who don’t know… if you contributed to kickstarter you get access to a developer diary that is updated weekly…

if its posted in the diary, does this mean its in the latest experimental? are larger cities working yet? the dev said he was done with the world gen. when i downloaded the experimental about a 1.5 weeks ago, and went above a certain city size, the game could not find my shelter. this was a known issue.

btw, good job. i like the progress. i know this is the lame stuff that no one else wants to work on, but needs to get done. the mod manager will be great and will let us add whatever we want to the game.

Galen posts about what he’s working on, sometimes theres some lag between a feature getting implemented and it getting merged into the experimental version. Sometimes this is because it WORKS, but needs some tweaking here and there, sometimes it’s just because I’m kind of overloaded and don’t have time to review and merge stuff as fast as I’d like :slight_smile: We can probably do a better job of communicating this.

With the mod manager, it’s quite possible it would be merged already, but I didn’t want to either delay the release (even more) or risk the release having such a large chunk of new code with no time to work any kinks out.

The world factory works, but does not have any additional modifications beyond world specific option sets. Once the mod manager work is completed (got delayed due to monster jsonization taking forever) it will be combined with the world factory so you can choose world-specific active mod sets and tweaks.

thanks guys. its not really a ‘delay’, when your getting stuff done in weeks. this has been well worth my kickstarter money. next time we do one, we have to go to a site that takes less of the money away, so more can go to the developer.