Cygwin problems

So, since VirtualBox is causing me trouble, I tried Cygwin because someone somewhere mentioned that it is more colorful (like in Linux) and stuff. I installed everything nicely using the instructions and all went well, BUT! The cataclysm, for some reason, not only uses the same colours as the windows version (so it’s not really more colorful like someone said), but it also uses a shitty font. Everything is small and tiny and it hurts my eyes greatly. Is there a way to change at least the font?

EDIT: Alright, I found out that there is FONTDATA in the “data” folder, but how do I access it via the terminal? I mean, how do I open so I can change the font size?

Fontdata is windows only. Right click on your Cygwin terminal and choose options, there should be a text option where you can change font and font size.