Text/font size

Not sure if I’m just blind as a bloody bat and I’m missing something in the options but the text/font ingame is really small and irritates my eyes, can anyone help me fix it?

You will need to edit the cataclysm\data\FONTDATA file (assign it a .txt extension or open it in your favorite text editor. Dont forget to remove the .txt extension after editing it.)

In there you will see 3 things: Name of the font thats being used, horizontal font width, vertical font height.

Cataclysm will stretch some fonts to make them bigger, where as with other fonts it will just increase the spacing between tiles (it does this in the case of terminus for me.) The numbers represent the size of the font in pixels.

You may have to experiment with these numbers slightly, and after you do, you may then want to change the width and height of the game under the options>graphics>terminal width settings, in case your changes in font or font size have now made your game window too big for the screen.

You may be able to try using fixedsys (below) as it ships with cataclysm. If it does not work you will have to put the fixedsys.ttf font from your cataclysm\data\font folder into your windows font folder, in my case i did not have to and it worked just by copy and pasting the following into the FONTDATA and saving.

Fixedsys TTF V5.00c

The font that i am currently using and generally enjoying despite being square and a touch hard to read long lines of text with is Topaz-8: (Good for movement in the world, slightly poorer for reading full sentences which is why ive stretched it a few pixels taller than it normally would be.)


However that would require that you have the Topaz-8 font installed in your windows font folder, which is not a default windows font as far as im aware. A quick google yields a place to get it from however if you think you want to try it.

One more thing to mention, in order to use a font from your windows font folder with cataclysm you have to type the “name” of the font into FONTDATA. In order to find the font name you have to open the font, and look at the very top line of the file. Write down the name exactly as it appears except leave out any bits in ()'s. For example with the fixedsys font. You would type “Fixedsys TTF V5.00c” and NOT “Fixedsys TTF V5.00c (True Type)”

Thank you, I no longer have to use windows zoom.

I’d like to share this font style which took me some trial and error to find but I really dig it. I’ve used this font with a lot of other roguelikes and in my opinion it’s the best for pure ASCII display.

The is font is the sans serif monospaced variant from http://dejavu-fonts.org/ (free license)

The data\fontdata file reads


On a 1920x1200 display the displayport sets at 174x70, giving a nearly square map display.

And a quick preview: