Cygwin Color

In case anybody hasn’t noticed Cygwin uses different colors then many other terminals. Well after a little bit of work I figured out how to change them, and decided to post a short tutorial here for anybody who want to do the same.

How to change the color scheme:
1)Open up your cygwin/home/your username/ folder. This is wherever your version of cataclysm is installed
2)Open the “.minttyrc” file with a editor. I suggest Notepad++ if you don’t already have one. If this file doesn’t exist do the spoilered steps below.

2a)Open up the Cygwin terminal
2b)Click on the Cygwin picture in the top left corner of the window
2d)Change any option you want and save. This should create the .minttyrc file previously mentioned
2e)Quit the Cygwin terminal

3)Paste this at the bottom of the .minttyrc file:

Black=0,0,0 BoldBlack=99,99,99 Red=255,0,0 BoldRed=255,0,240 Green=0,110,0 BoldGreen=0,255,0 Yellow=92,51,23 BoldYellow=255,255,0 Blue=0,0,200 BoldBlue=100,100,255 Magenta=255,150,150 BoldMagenta=255,0,240 Cyan=0,150,180 BoldCyan=0,240,255 White=150,150,150 BoldWhite=255,255,255
4)You’re done! Open Cataclysm and your colors should be the same as normal.

Edit: A few of my colors were off due to a misread of cataclysm’s BGR vs cygwins RGB, should be fixed now.

Updated OP with tutorial.

Thanks, that was my biggest hurdle with Cygwin.

When I’m compiling, my executable file is usually around 65 megs in size, and my target folder looks nothing like how everyone else’s versions are packaged.

I’m using the wiki’s instructions, which are

git clone git://

cd Cataclysm-DDA


I’ve got .cpp files all over the place, the make file is still in the target directory. Are the versions I’m seeing manually cleaned? How come the release executable is a 1/6th of my size?

When packaging for windows I pull the executable out and include only the data and codedoc folders, and when building I optimize code for size. No idea how to do that in a *nix environment though.