Customizing NPC companions?

Is there a way to edit npcs in your party?

Yes under your save folder there is a file named o.0.0 you can open that in a text editor, then look for the NPC section, be careful in there if you leave off or add an extra comma, bracket or brace it will give errors.
What were you wanting to edit?

Maybe using debug??its easier than edit the game folder

Can you edit their appearance with the debug, haven’t tried adding that sort of thing as a mutation/trait.

I see. I’ll make a copy before I mess with anything. Thanks guys

Owh i thought we talking about NPC stats…npc appearance cant using debug menu

What about in game editing ? Basically playing Doll with the NPC.

Add a more detail description of their appearance, add hair cut, dye, and some pins and badges to also edit gear and BAM Cataclsym : Beauty salons ahead

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That’s the idea . Little Tonis hair and guns

Their gear changes depending on what you give them for gear, well with certain tilesets. For the hair did you get them modified the way you wanted.