Some questions on NPCs

So, being one of those players who actually likes the weird NPCs with all of their quirks and questionable usefulness to sustenance drain ratio, I’m hoping you guys might be able to answer a pair of queries for me regarding their use.

First off, is there any way to customize the name of NPCs? Something from the LUA console, save file editing, or any other such tricks? Nothing quite like palling around with half wit AI controlled versions of your friends in the zombie apocalypse.

Secondly, is there a way to leave NPCs under your control in a base without putting them in a stationary guard position? I’d like to leave some non-combatants and sentinels at my growing LMOA-Cabin compound without worrying whether or not they’ll starve to death or refuse to sleep during my absence.

NPCs can’t starve at the moment. They get hungry enough to be bad at combat, then stop getting hungrier.

You can edit saves, though finding the NPC in the save isn’t trivial. They’re stored in overmap files (those with names like o.0.0).
It’s probably easiest to give them a rare item that NPCs don’t usually have (say, pointy stick) and then search for that item’s ID in the file. Then track down the nearest name field.

That’s crafty. Mi Gusta. Thank you for that piece of advice. =D