2 questions

okay I have played a bunch of hours of cataclysm now. and I have 2 big question 1. how can I enable npcs 2.how can I disable smokers?

I don’t know of the top of my head but you can debug (kind of ironic if you think about it) some in if you want. I will warn you they are prone to spontainious acts of data corruption and crashing.

As for the smoker question I have no idea but I can’t see how they’re a problem. They can’t see/smell so they just sit there until you blow them up or run them over.

Regarding NPCs there are two possibilities depending on the DDA version you’re using. In the data folder of your DDA install there is either:

A) 1-2 files called no_npc.txt and/or nonpc.txt - delete both to activate NPCs.

B) A single file called npc.txt - edit it in a real text editor and change the ‘n’ after the two options at the bottom to ‘y’.

Both possibilities mean you’ll need to generate a new world - no save compatibility.

For Smokers you’ll need to dig into the source code, deactivate them, and recompile. Alternately you can try Classic Zombie Mode, but this removes all special zombies and many other features - like labs and temples.

You should be able to edit data/raw/monstergroups.json and remove smokers from the spawn lists, from what I’ve been told.

okay the smokers are disabled, but I cannot find the npc.txt anywhere


I got it to work by I didnt found any npc.txt I looked in the whole thing

If there is no NPC.txt in the data folder of where you installed\compiled Cataclysm, then just create a text file in the data folder, name it NPC.txt, and write the following two lines in it:

starting_npc y random_npc y

Anytime you get tired of the NPCs crashing your game, just changed both 'y’s in the text file to ‘n’.