Are there any Save Editor?

Are there any Save Editor?

I want to change my friendly NPCs equipment, but debug mode did not support change target NPCs equipment.

So, Im finding any Save Editor that can change NPCs equipment.

Please help me. Thanks!

Saves are just a JSON file. AFAIK there’s no validator or easy editor but if you’re careful it shouldn’t be that hard.

Also, I don’t know if NPCs ever wear what they pick up but you can spawn items then trade with the NPCs to give them to them if they’re valuable items.

I found save file that store NPC`s data. It is 0.0.0 files.

But, I edit NPC`s data in the file with NotePad… and the file is broken… Why?

Because notepad is evil, that’s why. Something to do with file encoding. Use Notepad++ instead.

Editing saves with Notepad++ is not too difficult. Look for the .sav file in the world directory (not the .gsav files etc).

I haven’t figured out how to change character name though, if anyone knows.