NPC “Captive” title removal?

So I raided a bandit camp and freed 10 captives. The first of my legion!

They shall be my finest warriors, these men who give of themselves to me. In great armour shall I clad them and with the mightiest guns will they be armed. They will be my bulwark against the Terror, the Defenders of Humanity, and they shall know no fear.


Have I not done something to finish “freeing” them? Is there any way to change this? Assigning a custom title or description to my legionaires would be nice, but a default one is fine too.

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I imagine you could change their data in the save files. Pick something unique, like their name, or this captive title you dislike and search the save directory with something like winGrep. You’ll have to puzzle out where to make your changes, I’ve never tried editing an NPC in the text editor. Master.gsav has the players data in it, I don’t know where NPC data would be. Might just be inline in whatever map file coressponds to their location.

The player is long base64 gibberish.sav, master.sav is faction data. The NPCs are stored in the overmap file they are in, which is one of the o.#.# files, IIRC. The captive title is their class, similar to evacuee for your character, and needs to be set to something that already exists, IIRC, though I am unsure on that last bit.

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Shit, I gotta go hunt through the overmap files? There isn’t a debug option or something somewhere? Sigh.

Well, how do I figure out which Map section in the files they are in? I’ve explored a LOT of map, and read several tourist guides and military maps as well.

Well, yes. there is a debug option that allows you to change npc’s class, right there in the debug menu.
for instructions on accessing the debug menu, see the cheating section on the wiki.


I must have missed that when I glanced through the debug menu. Does changing their class mess with their stats or equipment any? I don’t want to change them, just what they are called.

It randomizes them, yeah. But you should be able to edit them back the way they were using the same debug menu ( less time intensive than editing files you’re not familiar with )

would be a great occasion for some bit of lua scripting i think, now that’s something to read into :slight_smile:

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Well, unless it can give them a bunch of bionics or mutations the results of the rerolled stats/equipment are probably not going to be better than what I’m planning to give them all anyway right?

They are all getting MBR (ceramic) vests, military duffel bags, hard arm/leg guards, tactical gloves, and helmets, along with various clothing. At least 3 will be getting RM-13 combat armor. Plan to issue them a mix of Barrett .50 cal anti-material rifles and Browning HMGs, and a backup melee weapon (probably a mace or tazer). I’ve got shitloads of bionics too, if they will let me install them.

I probably won’t bother tinkering with their stats unless it really messes them up. I wasn’t exaggerating in the OP when I quoted the 40K Emperor of Mankind. I’ve stashed enough military grade weapons, armor, and bionics in the military bunker I claimed as my base to conquer several small countries.

NPCs can only accept passive CBMs at this time, but you can install CBMs on NPCs.

I know, I meant if they would let me do it. Don’t they need to trust you or something?

So each NPC gets a complete white wash and a reroll? Editeing all that crap to make them who they were seems a crazy amount of work for a title change >_>

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