Current experimental/ playtrough


I’m playing this game for now years and noticed that sometime it’s wiser to juts wait or use an older version of the exp. rather than the current one because of whatever bug/feature problem it have (like car system broken, or crash when you dismantle a string).

As I can’t simply go trough the massive amount of changes (probably played like 8 month ago ?) I’d like to know if I’m fine picking up the last one atm or if it’s best to wait for a fix/ use another version.

Thx for reading and for the (eventual) reply(s).

ps : I do not understand how github works so going here to find information is not currently possible for me.

typically the latest experimental should be fine, if not go back one version, rinse and repeat until playable.

also, in case you’re not, use the launcher.

Use Coolthulu’s patch. He generally keeps it updated to fairly stable versions.

what it is about ? there is a post ( but it still doesn’t really tell much.

what it is about ? there is a post ( but it still doesn’t really tell much.[/quote]

It makes ranged weapons a good alternative to melee weapons throughout the game. This is the biggest difference. It also does some small things like make healing broken arms and legs not reset when the arm\leg is damaged and allowing you to use car jacks\lifts that are not directly beside you.

what it is about ? there is a post ( - cataclysmdda Resources and Information.) but it still doesn’t really tell much.[/quote]

To the best of my limited knowledge it addresses several features that there is community contention on. It’s a bit lighter on the realism I think. It feels more stable to me so it’s what I’m playing currently but ymmv.

Ok, atm it sound the exp. sound stable enough (beside minor bug) for me.

I did a try to the coolsomething patch, but I ended not being able to add some mods (can’t start a game) so I’ll keep going without it for now.

thx for the reply !