Which game version actually works properly at the moment?

I want to upgrade my old game install to a version with tilesets but it seems the latest “stable” version has bugs and I don’t know which experimental I can trust.

Any advice?

If you don’t plan to use meelee weapons with knockback the latest one should be fine?

If it runs, of course. It doesn’t run at all for some people.

Which melee weapons DO have knockback? I generally use a zweihander. Might use a katana if I find one.

But I do also club skeletons to death with my gun butt.


Can’t use that if you don’t want the game to nag you to death.

Balls. I’m not playing without that weapon.

So… any idea when the next experimental is out?

[quote=“DG123, post:5, topic:4525”]Balls. I’m not playing without that weapon.

So… any idea when the next experimental is out?[/quote]
A man after my own heart!
And experimentals are out all the time.
You can check it here (Windows graphical)

Ah! Thanks. I was wondering where to find a change log all in one place.

Experimental seem to come out multiple times a day. I just keep 3 or 4 spare older versions in their own folder so I know I always have something that works, but generally they have been pretty solid for me. Never even touch the stable releases.

Any idea if the “knockback” bug actually messes up the game at all, or whether I just need to hit spacebar and ignore the error message it gives?

The latest experimental is probably OK if not for that.

EDIT: Scratch that, question answered in another thread. Seems you can basically ignore it.