Current Dev Stuff

Posting this thread to keep people updated on what I’m working on, and to make it easier for me to do changelogs when I post an update.
Feel free to discuss what’s being worked on, and ask any questions.

Right now I’m hunting down old mods and merging in nice things from them.

So, current changes:

Moved lawnmower deconstruction into DinoCat’s deconstruction system, and removed the iuse functions of screwdrivers and wrenches

Implemented Anticheese’s reading changes

Implemented DinoCataclysm’s various crafting fixes.
Implemented DinoCataclysm’s furniture deconstruction.
Implemented DinoCataclysm’s changes to inventory, you’re now only shown items relevant to the button you press (Clothing for (W)ear, food for (E)at, etc)
Implemented Leonon’s Survival skill manual and Mechanics textbook.

Added Acidbomb crafting, because I’ve never even found one of them. Recipe is temporary.
Increased the amount of components allowed per crafting recipe (Background change)
Added scrap and wires to many electronics recipes, scrap to cover the issue of device cases, wires because wire.

Working on:
Finishing Chain link fences, they’ll be craftable by the player, you’ll be able to collect the mesh using wirecutters.

More structures. Storage lots full of storage units, will hold misc crap and very rarely have rare stuff.
A little bit more variance for existing buildings.

Is the development of non-player-constructed-turrets finished? Are they meant to attack player, and player alone, ignoring (or even teaming up with) zombies, animals, otherwordly horrors and zombified animalistic horrors from out of this world?

Even if making them humanoid/living friendly is our of question, is there a reason for the lack of ATTACKMON?

Turrets will need quite a lot of reworking, so it’s planned for some point. This thread is more for discussion and questions about what we’re working on right now though.

So, have you coded in my helicopter?

Edit: Can you add mixed drinks? It would probably be an extension of the unloading into containers thing.

No. stop asking.


Just don’t forget about those lazy bastards like me, who sticks to “native” windows version, please :slight_smile:

mixed drinks would be a crafting recipe, and why the fuck not.

Yes! Now I can be drunk on mixed drinks during the apocalypse, like a man who can’t handle alcohol straight.

I can imagine two different crafting recipes:
Stirred Martini:
This martini has the alcohol stirred into it. It is not very classy.

Shaken Martini:
This martini has the alcohol shaken into it. It is very classy.

But mixing drinks are to hardcore! C’mon ppl, in post-apocalypse the only drink must be vodka! and if anything should be mixed - it’s the rounds in belt’s whose will feed your MG’s :smiley: Show da zombies some love, LOL

Excuse me for trolling. Just couldn’t resist the urge.

Long Island Iced Tea will be present in the next build as a craftable item.

Kevin, also add a tree mile island iced tea. Crafted with Long Island iced tea and plutonium. Causes radiation.

It’s a crafting recipe, you do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t mod, pc broken.

Just interested, what (in general) is currently being worked on for the next release?

Tempature, bugfixes, and more bugfixes for tempature.

We’re not quite organized enough to make any real clear statements about roadmap like things. I’m really short on time at the moment, so I’m generally grabbing little bugfix things so I can actually make progress, though with luck that’ll change and I’ll be able to tackle some bigger features. Shoes is approaching his temperature mod being in a mergeable state, and I think wito is still plugging away on his item/inventory restructuring, and I can’t speak for the other active devs since I don’t know what they’re up to.

Currently I’m not working on anything major, mainly just reworking terrain deconstruction to require different tools for different terrain types, and consolidating some of the other constructions into the deconstruction option. Aside from that I’m making the crafting items more generic, to make the disassembly a bit less wonky (For example, using 3 steak knives to create a bayonet then disassembling it and getting 1 combat knife)

Im not exactly working directly for DDA but I am sure some of my stuff will get rolled into it.

Cabin reworking, farms, fema camps, lmoe bunkers, etc…

Well, I think that using three steak knives to make a bayonet should really NOT work. I don’t think you should be making a bayonet at all.
You should have to find it and it should be a relatively common find in army surplus stores. That’d get rid of that wonkiness right away. :stuck_out_tongue: