What have I missed?

I’m playing the game with the Hybrid Inventory build which is from early May I think.

What additions have I missed in the game since then? Some of the stuff you lot are talking about on other posts sounds new, wonderous and possibly arousing…


Self plug!

I’m still working on my commentary – and some of the older episodes are hard to watch, but I made three episodes in June, covering a lot of the stuff I found interesting or ‘big’. Timestamps in the descriptions.

Other’n that, I don’t know any super-centralized coverage of changes – you’d have to check out the update lists / Github or piece it together from the forum.

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Cool, i’ll give that a watch when I get the chance.

I’ll criticise your commentary in extreme detail after.

I definitely won’t hate that and end up in a negative self-esteem spiral or anything.

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The reddit page on cataclysm has a pretty good synopsis of changes.